National Strategy Documents Supports Learning and Development within the Early Years Sector

National Strategy documents

These documents provide all practitioners working within the Early Years Foundation Stage with useful guidance, support with good practice and useful teaching and learning resources.

It should be noted that the publications were published prior to the Coalition Government and may not reflect current government policy.


Challenging Practice

Children Thinking Mathmatically

Children Thinking Mathmatically PRSN

Finding and Exploring Young Children's Fasinations

Letters and Sounds

Play Learning and etc...

Numbers and Patterns

Quality Wheel

Supporting Families in the Foundation Years

Supoprting Children with English as an Addional Language

ECAT First Instalment

ECAT Second Instalment

ECAT Third Instalment

ECAT Monitoring Tool

ECAT Progess Monitoring Sheet


Letters and Sounds

Promoting Race Eqaulity in the Early Years

Inclusion Development Programme - Autism

Inclusion Development Programme - Speech, Language and Communication